Growing Organics
Organics for health and well-being

Growing Organics Inc. 

is a regional group of Organic FarmNZ (OFNZ). We oversee the certification of organic enterprises in our region. 

Its members are committed to producing organically for health and well-being. 

Our aim is to assist New Zealanders to become organically certified producers.

We are committed to the principles of the Participatory Guarantee System

More information about us and our producers can be found in About Us.

News Item

Myanmar Young Leaders Introduced to NZ Food Forests

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Honorary Life Membership

Growing Organics was delighted to be able to honour Mary Zajkowski by granting her our first life membership in 2018. 

At our 2019 AGM, Peggy Duncan became a lifee member for her services to organics.

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Getting Started

The purpose of organic certification is to assure consumers that the organic produce they buy is authentic. 

Knowing about organics principles and standards and putting them into practice consistently is essential. 

This website provides basic information about Getting Started in organics, the steps to certification, and links to relevant materials. 

Please note our timetable. It is never too early to begin planning.


Initial contact meetings

Growing your own, organically

Getting Certified

Certification is a national process managed regionally. 

The Certificates are issued by Organic FarmNZ.

There are two forms of certification:

·      As a certified organic producer or processor member of a pod

·      As an individual certified organic producer or processor 

The differences between them are explained in Getting Certified, together with our audit procedures.