Growing Organics
Organics for health and well-being

About Us  

Growing Organics Inc - the organisation

Growing Organics aims to 

  • promote, encourage and support activities which will increase the level of organic production and its marketing; and to
  • assist individuals and corporate bodies to meet their goals in relation to organic production and marketing  

The Board

The Board normally has 5 members elected from among the members at the Annual General Meeting. The Officers are the Chairperson, the Secretary and the Treasurer. The Certification Manager also attends the meetings as an ex-officio Board member.

2019-2020 Board Members:   Paula Allen, Debs Butterfield, Anne Opie (Secretary), Brian Opie (Treasurer), Mark Tisdall 

The Certification Manager:   The Certification Manager is appointed annually by the Board for the following calendar year, and is ex officio a member of the Board. The Certification Manager and the Auditor are the only persons to receive remuneration for work done for Growing Organics Inc.  

The Auditor:   The Auditor is appointed annually by the Board to carry out the audits of applicants for certification.  

The Certification Committee:   This subcommittee of the Board oversees the certification process and reviews the auditor’s reports on applications for certification.  

The Annual General Meeting:   The Annual General Meeting is normally held in May each year.  

The National Co-ordinating Committee (NCC):   The NCC is the governing body of Organic FarmNZ (OFNZ), made up of regional representatives. The Growing Organics representative is elected at the Annual General Meeting, normally for a two-year term.  

Constitution:   The Growing Organics Constitution can be found on the Registrar of Incorporated Societies website. Go to and search under 1126006 - GROWING ORGANICS INCORPORATED . 

Board Minutes:  Summaries of Board Minutes may be emailed to members.  

Newsletters:   From time to time an email newsletter may be provided to members.

Honorary Life Membership

Growing Organics was delighted to be able to honour Mary Zajkowski by granting her our first life membership in 2018. 

Mary was one of the early members of Wairarapa Organics as a grower and as the organisation's Treasurer. She brought valuable financial knowledge to guide the committee’s financial decision-making. This was a crucial role as Wairarapa Organics was the recipient of quite large government grants to assist its work of developing the organic growing, practice and knowledge in this region. 

Since Wairarapa Organics was wound up in 2012, becoming Wai Organics and, subsequently, Growing Organics in 2017, she continued her association with the group as a committed personal member. In this capacity, she has always responded helpfully and quickly with much appreciated advice to the Treasurer’s questions about financial management issues.  She has also, despite health issues, responded promptly to questions sent out to our membership on key organisational issues relating to constitutional changes and changes to the organisation’s name.

Peggy Duncan became our second life member at the 2019 AGM.

 Peggywas made a Life Member of Growing Organic because of her long association and commitment to organics and contributions to the three organic certifying groups that have sequentially existed in the Wairapara since the early 2000’s.

Peggy joined Wairarapa Organics when it started in 2003. She acted as Chair for a number of years. When WO ceased to function in 2010, she continued her organic certification for a number of years as a member and grower in the much smaller Wai Organics that took over the Wairapapa Organics’ role in 2011 as the organic certifying group for the Wairarapa. When Wai Organics was dissolved in 2017 and the Wairarapa members of that group formed themselves into what is now Growing Organics, Peggy joined the Board and has always been an active member of the GO Certification committee meetings.

Peggy has now stood down from the GO Board but has generously agreed to continue as a member of the Certification Committee, the group responsible for reviewing auditors’ recommendations. We are very grateful to Peggy for her preparedness to continue to play a valuable role in the work of Growing Organics.