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Organic Farms NZ Forms and Organics Standards  

Essential OFNZ documentation

To find the page on the OFNZ website that holds key OFNZ documentation and templates, go to

Here you will find the following essential documents, which you must read thoroughly and absorb:

  • property and processor management plans (PMPs) that must be completed each year
  • guides and guidelines about how to complete the management plan and to make hot composts
  • compliance procedures, that is, the standards that OFNZ growers and processors must meet in their production and/or processing of OFNZ-certified produce
  • operational guidelines, i.e., what you need to do to comply with OFNZ processes. For example, how the pod process works and what are the requirements in relation to record keeping.
  • restricted inputs. These are:

       restricted input application forms;  off farm inputs schedule;  supplier declaration forms

  • pod peer review forms. As part of its review process, each pod must complete one of these annually on all its members. This is a critical part of each pod member’s application for the renewal of their certification. The document sets out clearly about how the pod peer review is to be conducted.

As an OFNZ certified organic producer, you can expect to use the OFNZ and Bio-Gro NZ websites regularly to download key forms and/or to refresh your knowledge about organic production and the processes you need to follow. The web addresses can be found in Links [see below on this page].

Organics Standards

OFNZ uses Bio-Gro NZ’s standards for production and processing. OFNZ certified growers and processors must work to these standards at all times.

It is vital that you download or purchase copies of the standards that apply to your organic production and/or processing from Bio-Gro NZ so that you can consult them easily when necessary.  

To access a copy of the Standards (either as a whole or specific modules) go to

PLEASE NOTE: The next two entries in this section are out of date and the links have been removed. They will be updated when correct information is available.

Finding Certified Suppliers of Inputs

Bio-Gro NZ also publishes information about its approved suppliers and their products. It is also very useful to purchase a current copy of the Directory of Bio-Gro Certified Inputs for Producers. This includes information about who to contact in a company as well as email addresses and phone and mobile numbers.

To download information about suppliers of specific products to go

This page lists the products alphabetically and the names and certification numbers of the suppliers but does not provide contact details which can take time to access.

If you want to buy a copy with contact details included, you can download the form from this page.

Technical updates

You will need to visit this page regularly to ensure that inputs you are using have not been withdrawn or suppliers decertified. If you have an input from a supplier who has been decertified, check with the Certification Manager about whether you can continue to use the product until it is used up.  

Farm Input schedule and inputs



These websites provide a broad spectrum of relevant information.  

Organic FarmNZ

An organic certification system for producers supplying the New Zealand market. OrganicFarmNZ certification is designed to be low-cost, educative and supportive.

Organic NZ - the Soil & Health Association

Established in 1941, Organic NZ took the lead in founding BioGro in the early 1980s and secured the Government contract to establish OrganicFarmNZ.

BioGro NZ

BioGro is the leading voice for organics and certification, representing and certifying over 650 producers across New Zealand and the Pacific. BioGro is owned by the New Zealand Biological Producers and Consumer Society – a registered not-for-profit that works to increase awareness and demand for certified organic products.

Organics Aotearoa NZ

OANZ is the national advocacy body for organics.

Wwoof New Zealand

Willing Workers on Organic Farms. A worldwide network that provides opportunities for travellers to exchange labour for board and training.