Growing Organics
Organics for health and well-being

Timetable and Fees

The annual timetable is designed to ensure that there is no break in a producer’s or processor's certification if audit results are satisfactory.  

Principal dates

Call for Property Management Plans (PMPs)       

     1  May

Last date for submission of PMPs                   

     15 June

Auditor visits

     late July - early August

Auditor’s reports considered by the Certification Committee 

     late August

Approval to issue certificates sent to OFNZ            

     early September

New certificates received


Applicants must inform the Certification Manager well in advance if they will not be available during the audit period.    


Growing Organics is an incorporated society. There are two classes of membership: 

  • Certified organic producers and processors
  • Supporters, who are persons with an interest in organics but are not currently seeking certification   

All certified organic producer and processor members must also pay the supporter fee. Anyone living in the region and interested in organics is welcome to become a supporter.

Invoices for fees are sent out in early June.

Membership and certification fees

For those seeking certification, payment must precede or accompany the application for certification or the application will not be processed.

The fees for 2020-221 are to be paid in two parts. The first part is the Certification fee, which must accompany the PMP. For this year, the Individual Certification Fee includes the Personal Member fee.

The second part is to cover the incidental expenses of the auditor incurred during the audit. Those costs will be shared equally among the producers, and payment will occur as soon as possible after the completion of the audit.

Individual Grower                                $493.00                         

Individual Processor                            $493.00                          

Individual Grower and Processor.                      $493.00

Pod Grower                                                    $320.00 + 40

Pod Processor                                                   $320.00 + 40                                          

 Pod Grower and Processor                             $320.00 + 40

C0 individual                                                      $320+40 

CO Pod.                                                 $280 + 40

Growing Organics Inc supporter membership         $40

The OFNZ fee of $138 ($120+GST) is included in each of the certification fee amounts.

The CO category is for those in the first year of transition to full certification.

The first Certification fees must be paid before or at the time when the Property Management Plan (PMP) is submitted.

Note: Payment of the fee is no guarantee of certification.